Our Process

From idea to app store, we have you covered in your app creation journey. Our process is simple and straight forward, allowing you to focus on your app content rather than the complexities of publishing to the app stores.

Getting Started

Once we know about your business and you have purchased a plan, we start the development process. What separates augLab from just another app builder platform is that we are first a development agency, and we provide world class support. We will guide you through the initial build of your app until it's ready to be published to the app store.

Deploying to App Stores 

Once your app is ready to be published, we will assist in getting you setup with applicable developer accounts ($99/yr for Apple and $25 one-time for Google Play). Once your accounts are configured, we will review your app and get it published to the appropriate app stores and to the web (PWA, domain purchase required).

Content Management

If you weren't already having enough fun, this is where it really gets exciting. You'll manage your own app content from the intuitive, customized back office. Here you can add/remove content, manage add-ons, users and products (if applicable), and send push notifications.

Ongoing Support

Just because your app is live and you're managing the content, does not mean that we go away. We are here for you and want your business to succeed. We will work through any platform or app issues you may be having, and for a monthly service fee will even continue to assist in app updates and content changes (ask about this service for more info).

Questions or need custom features?